How you could benefit from a home gym in lockdown 3.0

The month of January is usually spent full of good intentions with New Year resolutions in full swing. Google searches for health and fitness are at its peak, and typically gym memberships are up 12% as everybody tries to start the new year on the right foot. January 2021, however, had different ideas with the announcement of lockdown 3.0 and closure of gyms and leisure centres. Unfortunately, nobody knows how long it may be before we can return to a regular gym routine. But, in a period of national and global uncertainty, exercise is something people can control. Exercise is proven to help improve people's mental wellbeing and can help to create small improvements in our life aiding, positivity through difficult times. In this blog, we discuss home gyms and how easy it is to create a small, yet positive change to your lockdown 3.0! 

Architecture up and coming trends in 2021

As we look forward to a hopefully brighter and more positive year ahead, we thought we would discuss our top five trends that we expect to see a great deal of in 2021.

Happy New Year from Arc Design Services - 2020 in review.

It is in no doubt that this year has been the most difficult, and demanding, year that the UK and many other nations have faced in decades. From a horrific number of lives lost to business closures and jobs lost, for many, 2020 cannot end fast enough. But on the other hand, it has also helped people to re-evaluate what is most important; with most acknowledging that self-care, and family time, has often been pushed to one side in previous years.

Our top tips for getting your kitchen Christmas ready

It is no secret that this year has not been what people hoped for at the start of a new decade. Nevertheless, this Christmas period should be celebrated, like no other! Kitchens are widely renowned for being the heart of the home, and over Christmas is a crucial room in every home that allows everyone to come together and share food and drink, even if it's just your immediate household. In this blog, we discuss our top tips for helping ensure your kitchen is ready for this year's extra special festivities.

How new planning permission rules could benefit your extension plans

With Covid-19 putting a stop to most travel and social events, it is no surprise that higher sums of money are being invested into homes due to the sheer amount of time spent in the four walls of your home. Whether it’s a few DIY projects to full renovation plans the national lockdown has undoubtedly kickstarted the realisation that our homes need to be adapted to meet the individual needs and requirements of our families. Despite this, most large building works require planning permission unless it falls within permitted development exceptions meaning that many home plans can be limited or be months/years in the making.

Top tips for creating a productive home office

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, homeworking was the Government's work method of choice and with England in the middle of a second national lockdown, it is no surprise that working from home has continued and is arguably here to stay. It is very tempting to spend your work hours slumped on your bed or sofa with your laptop precariously positioned with your favourite TV series playing in the background. Nonetheless, it is paramount to try and establish a clear boundary between home and work to protect your health and wellbeing and ensure you remain focused on your work.

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