Top garden trends of 2022

With the summer of 2022 already hitting the highest UK temperatures on record and two heatwaves, it is no surprise that homeowners are paying more attention to their garden design.

Our top ideas for making the most out of the smallest of spaces in your home.

With energy costs, living costs and house prices all increasing, the affordability for many people to move house or extend their homes is becoming less and less.

Wilmslow Conservation Area - A recent project.

At Arc Design Services we love a challenge so we thought we’d share a recent project which was one of the last remaining untouched properties in a Wilmslow conservation area.

Which construction type is best for you?

In our last blog, we started to discuss the variety of construction methods, that you could choose when building your own home. Whilst, picking the method that works best for you is important, it often depends on your budget, design criteria and planning permission regulations in your local area. Nevertheless, we believe it's important to be aware of all the readily available methods and their benefits. In this blog, we discuss further construction methods and what they could bring to your build.

Everything you need to know about changing building regulations

From the 15th June, there has been an update in Building Regulations that can significantly impact self-builders or people updating their existing homes.

Which construction type is best for you

When it comes to building a home, there is a wide range of construction methods that you could choose, with a variety of pros and cons for each method.

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