Tips for remodelling to create open plan spaces for modern living

The way families live in their homes has changed considerably over recent years. Modern day trends indicate that younger families prefer open plan space rather than closed off living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, creating a family room environment. Here are some tips on how to transform your home by removing some internal walls, and creating more light and space.

Wet rooms - touch of luxury in your home

Contemporary house designs continue to encourage us to think outside of the box and get creative with the way we want our dream home look. It is all about going away from standard designs and layouts and making your home unique and like no other. Furthermore, with bathrooms increasingly becoming major selling point for new houses, ARC Design Services have plenty of ideas for a contemporary solution for making your bathroom unique and practical.

Underfloor heating

Although it is only the beginning of October, we are all starting to feel these cold autumn days. It is also such a struggle to get out of a warm bed in morning and hit the cold floor…. Our blog on underfloor heating, demonstrates the ultimate solution for cold autumn days, and will create an unbelievable cozy atmosphere in your home.

The luxury spa in the comfort of your own home

Continuing on from the theme of healthy living and wellbeing, ARC Design Services has prepared some ideas for your personal luxury spa experience in comfort of your own home. Time constraints are a constant challenge for activities such as going to gym or spa. Furthermore, when it comes to exercising in swimming pool or visiting a sauna, very few are comfortable with using some public facilities.

Create your ideal home gym

Whilst this may not seem the most exhilarating of topics, it is one of the most essential. Whether planning permissions are required or not, the majority of all building projects do need Building Regulations approval. So what are they and what’s the difference?

Blur the lines between your interior and exterior with floor to ceiling windows

Whether you are in the planning stages of designing your dream home, or thinking about a facelift for your current dwelling, you should seriously consider floor to ceiling windows. The huge panoramic windows literally become the key element of the house, and carry functional benefits as well as adding striking looks and comfort.

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