Alternative sustainable resources you should consider for your home design plans.

Homeowners are continuing to adjust their focus to more sustainable home design, not just for environmental benefit but financial reasons too. It is no surprise that manufacturers are adjusting their focus and developing new more sustainable materials to incorporate into home design. In this blog, we explore sustainable resources that you could include in your home design and we explore their potential benefits. 

Top garden trends of 2023

With summer FINALLY arriving in the UK, it is no surprise that homeowners are paying more attention to their gardens and their garden design.

Sliding doors vs bifold doors – which one is best?

As we finally start to see some sunshine in the UK after an extremely long winter and cold spring, homeowners often find themselves trying to incorporate the concept of bringing the outside in. What better way than opening up the back of your house to the lovely fresh air? However, the dilemma is bifold or sliding doors. In this blog, we discuss the differences, pros and cons for each so you can make the right decision for your home and family life.

Our top tips for building your own home

Building your own home is an increasingly popular trend in the UK as we start to recognise the benefits it can bring to homeowners’ lives.

Air Source vs Ground Source Heat Pumps – which is better?

Air source and ground source heat pumps are similar in some ways, yet very different in others. 

What could a THERMOSLATE roof system bring to your home?

Over the last few months, we have covered many ways that you can save money on your energy bills, and ways to make your home self-sustaining. 

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