Everything you need to know about insulated concrete formwork

Insulated concrete formwork is often referred to as ICF and is becoming increasingly popular in home design. It is often considered ‘the lego of build systems’. In short, ICF provides building professionals with a more efficient way to build concrete homes. But what is it? In this blog, we will define ICF, and explain its benefits. 

Heat pumps as a heating alternative hot topic.

Continuing our discussion on how you can make your home warm and cosy this winter, in this blog, we discuss the government’s new scheme to encourage people to install low carbon heating systems. 

Create a warm cosy home this autumn/winter

As we continue to move full steam ahead towards the winter months, in this week’s blog, we discuss how you can make your home cosy this winter and help to reduce your energy bills as energy company prices soar.

Have you considered underfloor heating?

Continuing from our previous blog, we thought we'd discuss how underfloor heating could be an alternative to heating your home this winter.

Add warmth to your home this autumn/winter

As most of the UK enjoy the final drips and drabs of summer sunshine, it is no surprise that many architectural and interior trends are starting to focus more on indoor living than outdoor, especially with a very cold winter forecast.

Transform your home with your staircase

An area of the design of a home that is often forgotten about is the staircase.

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