A sign to convert your garage space

Across the UK, it is estimated that around 4.6 million garages are no longer used to store cars, with 64% of people claiming that their garage stores gardening tools that could be stored easily in a shed at the bottom of the garden. If you are looking to add more useable space to your home, a garage conversion could be a great option. Transforming your garage will gain you more space without having to extend your property or lose any of your garden. On average, the conversion of an internal and unused garage can increase property value by 10% and, planning permission is often not required. In this blog, we discuss all the potential uses/benefits of converting your internal garage into a useable space.

The allure of open plan living

For many years the formality of traditional Victorian and Georgian home layouts has become impractical for modern families and lifestyles. Family homes are now used for a range of activities, even more so during the era of Covid-19. From classroom, office, and gym to social activities, homes now more than ever need to be multi-functional.

Bi-fold doors vs sliding doors

The concept of bringing the outside inside and incorporating indoor and outdoor living into everyday life has been a huge architectural design trend for many years and continues to thrive in 2021 design.

Creating a luxury spa at home

A popular trend in contemporary bathroom design is creating a home spa vibe. Bathrooms are no longer just used for personal care but, understood as a place where people relax and unwind from a hard or stressful day.

How can you utilise your landing space?

In architectural language, spaces such as landings are often referred to as ‘dead spaces’ - a space that is routinely overlooked and not used for anything other than passing through. However, hallways and landings are often the first spaces visitors in your home see and are often where first impressions are made.

How you could benefit from a home gym in lockdown 3.0

The month of January is usually spent full of good intentions with New Year resolutions in full swing. Google searches for health and fitness are at its peak, and typically gym memberships are up 12% as everybody tries to start the new year on the right foot. January 2021, however, had different ideas with the announcement of lockdown 3.0 and closure of gyms and leisure centres. Unfortunately, nobody knows how long it may be before we can return to a regular gym routine. But, in a period of national and global uncertainty, exercise is something people can control. Exercise is proven to help improve people's mental wellbeing and can help to create small improvements in our life aiding, positivity through difficult times. In this blog, we discuss home gyms and how easy it is to create a small, yet positive change to your lockdown 3.0! 

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