Top tips for creating a productive home office

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, homeworking was the Government's work method of choice and with England in the middle of a second national lockdown, it is no surprise that working from home has continued and is arguably here to stay. It is very tempting to spend your work hours slumped on your bed or sofa with your laptop precariously positioned with your favourite TV series playing in the background. Nonetheless, it is paramount to try and establish a clear boundary between home and work to protect your health and wellbeing and ensure you remain focused on your work.

Sustainability in home renovation

As more people become passionate about eco-friendly living and influenced by environmental figures such as David Attenborough, with his most recent plea including joining Instagram at 94 to warn young people that the world needs our help; it is no surprise that sustainability in home renovation is becoming a popular trend. With the government recognising that eco-retrofits are extremely important and an essential step towards a low carbon country as of the 30th September the government have launched a green home grant offering up to £5000 to make green renovations to your home such as adding insulation or double glazing. Whilst renovations centred around sustainability do help the environment and our carbon footprint they also help to save money and improve your home’s resale potential, below we discuss some ways you can reap these benefits and create an eco-friendly home. 

Why Roof Windows could help transform your home.

With an increasing amount of modern architectural trends focusing upon bringing natural light into our homes to conserve energy and maximise comfort, it is no surprise that roof windows are becoming increasingly popular amongst home renovations and extension projects. There are numerous brands but Velux is the world’s leading manufacturer in roof windows, flat roof windows, and sun tunnels with their brand name expertly chosen to represent the main benefits that Velux windows bring to your home. The VE stands for Ventilation, and ‘Lux’ is the Latin translation for light.

A New Level of Design

In our last blog we went over conventional and traditional ceilings, but what’s the fun in settling for the convention when you’re doing an entire remodel? So let’s delve into more ceiling options to escalate the aesthetic of your interior designs.

ARC Design Services Wins Prestigious Award

ARC Design Services, have been announced the winners at the LABC Building Excellence Awards 2020 North West in the “Best Extension or Alteration to an Existing Home” Category.

Are your design ideas looking up?

Did you ever think that one day you’d be asked what kind of ceilings you want? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered so that when you are asked that while designing your home, you’ll have more to say than just, “I've never really thought of that.” Read on to be inspired by five of the most common ceilings you can choose from.

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