Transform your outdoor living space

The summer heat is calling your name, but those UV rays can be harsh after a while. And with the weather being so unpredictable, flimsy patio covers just won’t do the trick anymore. Here are some great patio ideas that not only will withstand the changeable weather conditions but will also spruce up your outdoor patio and garden area. 

Dream Home Offices

More and more of the working population are finding ways to work from home and create flexible working schedules. For this reason, designing the perfect home workspace is becoming increasingly important within the purpose of your dream home. Here are some things to consider when designing your home office.

Bring in that Summer Breeze!

With summers here in the UK getting hotter (or so they say!), breezeways are making a comeback! Breezeways are a versatile way of connecting your home to your garage or similar and can create a luxurious aesthetic to your home. Here are three ways you can use a breezeway in your dream home.

Changes for Simpler Planning Permission

Temporary planning permissions were made permanent by parliament in England allowing many plans now to be fast-tracked. These temporary rules have doubled since 2014, allowing over 100,000 homeowners to go through with their extension and remodelling plans without needing permission from local authorities.

Accessibility in Style!

There are nearly 14 million disabled individuals in the UK, more than 20% of the population, and this number is rising. So why not make your home more accessible? Here are some great ways to make your house accessible without compromising on style!

Remodelling? Here’s Some of 2019’s Trendiest Floor Plans!

Looking to remodel your home? It’s time to stray away from the traditional and spice up your renovation with these modern floor plan ideas!

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