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Following on from our Pinterest blog last month, we thought we'd explore Houzz.

Why Juliet balconies could make a difference to your home

With an increasing amount of modern architectural trends moving towards seamless and frameless glazing, it is no surprise that Juliet balconies are becoming a common feature in many homes. Taking the name from its appearance in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Juliet balconies are best described as a "false balcony" and are often the easiest, most effective way to add a balcony to residential developments, usually without requiring planning permission and major intrusive work to your existing home structure. They are often seen on the side of apartment buildings to enable residents with limited access to outdoor space a little more "fresh air".

Turn Your Pinterest Inspiration into Real Life With ARC.

With over 200 million active users and 93% of people using Pinterest to plan purchases, it is actively enabling people to design their own lives, giving users a place to save and store links from all over the web. Through visual orientation, Pinterest enables you to share your tastes and interests with other users whilst also discovering those of like-minded people; creating a cycle where your tastes and interests help others to make their own lives. From home interior and renovations to food and drink, Pinterest provides every kind of inspiration, transforming lives and homes.

Ways to keep your home cool this summer.

With Britain experiencing the longest heatwave in five years, tropical temperatures and roasting sunshine could make 2018 a repeat of the summer of 1976; with May and June’s temperatures reaching the highest on record, keeping your house cool this summer will be a priority! Britain is spectacularly well known for its unpredictable, cold and drizzly weather, meaning that knowing how to respond to spells of hot weather is not a Brit's strong point! However, we are here to give you five tips on how to get you through this sweltering summer.

Reduce Plastic Waste On Your Self Build Project

Following the huge impact of the BBC series Blue Planet 2 which showed the devastating impact of “one use” plastic on marine life, 2018 has seen a revolution in changing behaviour to ensure we save the environment from its devastating impact - and building projects are no exception! With over 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every year, the government called for a “ War on Waste” back in January and the construction industry still has a long way to go.

Living Smarter By Design!

With smart technology revolutionising the way we live, at ARC Design Services, we are designing ultra modern homes that offer optimum comfort and convenience perfect for busy lives. With technology that enables you to control every aspect of your life from your fingertips, it’s important that the design of your home reflects this, from lighting to heating to security - we consider the integration of smart technology in every aspect of your design.

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