Why there’s no better time to extend your home

With the changes to the planning system and permitted development over recent years there’s no better time to extend your home to create the home and space you need. In a recent article by the Nationwide the Nationwide House Price Index Special Report 6th Sept 2012 looked at the value of improvements made to an average 3 bedroom house and adding an extension or converting your loft on your home could increase its value by almost a quarter.

Energy Efficiency for under £50,000?

Believe it or not you can build your own home for under £50,000! This has been proven by a Cardiff Architect who won the National Self Build Association’s ‘Self build on a shoestring’ design competition, with a £41,000 self build home! However, can building on a shoe string still be energy efficient? The architect from this competition used straw bales to line and insulate the house, which are one cost effective option.

Appeal hearings to get a digital makeover!

Planning appeal hearings will no longer be kept behind closed doors. As it has been announced this month new guidance will be put in place to allow planning appeal hearings to be “filmed, tweeted and reported”.

Government to Support Self Builds

Self building or building your own home can be a daunting process. Combine the legislation with the cost along with various different contractors and it can make for one complicated project.

But good news has finally arrived for self builders!

Super-Power Your BNI Membership

Are you working with your Power Team? No?

Then you're not making the best use of your BNI membership. Over the last two years the awareness of Power Team pot ential has grown significantly. More and more members are understanding that small businesses are far stronger together than alone.

New simplified planning website

If you have ever looked for planning practice guidance you will know how complicated it can be!

The council guidance is currently catalogued in 230 separate documents and around 7,000 pages long. It is often too complex for people to access and navigate effectively.

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