Another exciting project for ARC Design Services

We have recently been approached by a client with a new and exciting challenge for ARC Design Services. A tired 1960’s house needs to be renovated with a fresh design and be spacious enough to accommodate a growing family. It is all about finding the right balance between a modern design and creating additional and useable space with our architectural design services.

There is an increasing tendency for this type of renovation project for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that older buildings tend to offer more space inside the house, as well as more land or garden space. Therefore, by renovating an older property, you can maximise your investment, and get the best value for your money, especially by saving on items such as moving costs and stamp duty.

The reality is that new build homes are often 20% smaller than the older houses. Unfortunately, in times of higher land costs, property developers go for maximum density and minimum space to stay competitive. The result is more compact rooms and smaller footprints. This is far from ideal for a growing family; you may just be lucky enough to have one parking space outside a new terraced build. Older properties, on the other hand, may offer superior floor space, will often have a garage, and a more sizeable back and front garden, which enables scope for extending without reducing the outdoor space too significantly. They often also benefit from the advantage of not being overlooked.

Undoubtedly, these benefits will make you think again about looking for a new build. However, what cannot be argued is the striking looks of more modern homes. The panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, inspired contemporary designs, and other fresh concepts, can still make the new build a desirable option.

This is where ARC Design Services step in with a helping hand for our clients who want to have the best of both worlds. We make it possible to combine personalised contemporary design with the superior floor and landscape space of an older property, though renovation projects, such as the 1960s house we've been commissioned to work on.

We appreciate that renovating can be a complex and a stressful process with surveying, consent planning permissions and all other aspects relating to turning a tired older building to a stunning contemporary home. Modernisation isn't just about the aesthetics of the property, but heating, double glazed windows and insulation will also need to be considered to match the energy efficiency rating of a new build.

Arc Design Services award-winning team works closely with clients to make their dream home a reality and will make sure your home not only delivers to your living requirements, but also stands out from the crowd. Please call us on 0161 928 4433 or visit

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