Wet rooms - touch of luxury in your home

Contemporary house designs continue to encourage us to think outside of the box and get creative with the way we want our dream home look. It is all about going away from standard designs and layouts and making your home unique and like no other. Furthermore, with bathrooms increasingly becoming major selling point for new houses, ARC Design Services have plenty of ideas for a contemporary solution for making your bathroom unique and practical.

With stylish walk in wet rooms you can make the most of the space, whilst adding a touch of luxury and practicality. This can be the ultimate solution for adding contemporary look and feel to your home. Minimalistic design and the impression of open space will help re-create the experience of a luxury spa or top-notch hotel.

Wet rooms also carry several benefits. The key benefit is the fact that wet room is an ideal solution for small spaces or awkwardly shaped rooms. So, if you want to have an additional bathroom in your home, limited space or awkward layout is not an issue.

However, as with every project, there are complexities and points for consideration.

Waterproofing (tanking)

One of the key aspects to consider when developing a wet room is waterproofing. A waterproof membrane will need to be laid in the floors, in between the walls and ceiling. This makes sure that the room is completely waterproof and you will not have any issues with dampness or leaks, allowing you to splash as much as you want.


The function of a drainage system is to make sure the water leaves the wet room as efficiently as possible, to make sure there is no standing water left in the wet room, causing smell and inconvenience. The wet room will need to be designed in a way that there is a slight gradient which will make sure the water escapes the room effectively. Finally, the gully needs to have sufficient volume, and needs to be well connected to the drainage system, to absorb the water without causing puddles.

Underfloor heating

This can be a great addition to the walk in wet room. As well as making the tiles nice and warm for you when you enter the wet room, underfloor heating helps stabilise humidity and also evaporate excess standing water. There are two main types of underfloor heating systems - dry and wet. The dry systems use electric heating cables, which conducts heat through the flooring, and do not require a boiler or gas supply - it is an independent system. The wet systems comprise a water pipe that runs hot water underneath the flooring also conducting heat. These systems work as part of the central heating system, and are usually hooked up to your boiler. For more information on underfloor heating check out our blog here.

Tiles choice

With the choice of tiles you can be as creative as you want, however even with the tiles, there are things which need to be considered. When choosing the tiles, you need to make sure they are slip resistant. Also if you are considering having underfloor heating, you need to make sure that the tiles are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems and will conduct the heat efficiently. ARC Design Services recommend that professional support is consulted when it comes to developing a wet room. Please call our award winning team on 0161 9284433 for a consultation on wet rooms and more

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