The luxury spa in the comfort of your own home

Continuing on from the theme of healthy living and wellbeing, ARC Design Services has prepared some ideas for your personal luxury spa experience in comfort of your own home. Time constraints are a constant challenge for activities such as going to gym or spa. Furthermore, when it comes to exercising in swimming pool or visiting a sauna, very few are comfortable with using some public facilities.

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However hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics, hydro massaging and other ways of utilising water for health benefits, is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, it is a fun, relaxing and comfortable way of exercising and is perfect for most rehabilitation programmes and exercises. There are a number of additions you can make to your home, space permitting, should you be interested in undertaking these forms of exercise at home.

Swimming pools

ARC Design Services create a relaxing atmosphere as well as the standard installation of pool. A choice of pool lighting with complimentary sound, can really make a difference to the finished pool. In addition, it is also important to consider the little-big things such as appropriate tiling to avoid chances of leakage, with the best drainage system and convenient of access to all of the equipment like pumps, skimmers and cleaning materials. No one likes an unsightly pump house, and the noise also has to be considered. These factors seem little and insignificant until you experience a problem, so planning is key.

Saunas and Steam rooms

If you want to re-create a relaxing spa experience, home saunas are a luxury on the up in UK homes. The home saunas are a lot more design led compared to the saunas that we are used to seeing in gyms and leisure centres. The technology of the saunas has significantly improved, and it now allows huge versatility in design. ARC Design Services recommend that the sauna or steam room is developed with a professional, to allow a great deal of artistic license. Bespoke designs offer you to be as creative as you want with aspects like lighting, built-in entertainment system, tope of wood or walls and location. When choosing a location you have to consider planning permission. If you are building an indoor sauna, you will not need a planning permission, but if the sauna is a permanent structure in the garden, then this will be a requirement.

Hot tubs

Jacuzzis are a perfect way to relax. The hydro-massaging in jacuzzis also carry considerable health benefits including relaxation, ease of muscle pain, improved blood circulation and it actually helps you sleep better. However, just like the swimming pools, having a jacuzzi will require careful planning and professional installation, to make sure you get the most from the experience.

ARC Design Services has extensive experience in designing and developing the ideal spa rooms with the focus on clients requirements and preferences. If you would like to receive a consultation on creation of the ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your own home, please call our award winning team on 0161 9284433. or visit

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