Fireplace Surround Ideas

Are you thinking about installing a new fire surround or giving the existing one a new makeover? It’s fair to say that, nothing quite captures your attention in a room like a roaring fireplace.

When considering the design of your new fire surround, there are plenty of materials and styles to choose from, which can complement your home.

Discover Some Great Ideas To Enhance Your Garden

If you’re seeking inspiration to enhance your garden, we’ve put some ideas together to help, which offer the best of the outside and inside!

Conservatory - An extra room looking on to the garden is a traditional choice for many homeowners, and a well designed conservatory can definitely be an asset to any property.

What You Need To Know Before Renovating

Renovating a house is full of surprises, and some more welcome than others. At Arc Design Services, we’ve put together a ‘to do list’ that you should consider before going ahead with your renovation.

Get a building report - You should always commission a building report from a chartered building surveyor before buying.

ICF Home Plans

Are you looking for a home that can save you money on energy costs, block outside sounds, resist fires, and add to the structural integrity of your building?

How about one that’s great at keeping the cold air outside during the winter, whilst keeping your home comfortable during the summer? An ICF home may be the answer.

To Move Or Improve?

For many families and couples there comes a time when their home starts to feel fairly small. Whether the reason is because they require more bedrooms or extra space downstairs, considering whether to move or extend can be a tricky decision to make. At Arc Design Services, we’ve put together a few factors to consider when deciding which choice is the right one for you!

Top Tips To Create A Summerhouse Retreat

Tucked away at the bottom of the garden, a summerhouse provides a great focal point for you to enjoy time with your friends and family or even as a peaceful escape. At Arc Design Services, we’ve put together a few tips to help you design the perfect hideaway.

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