'Shoebox' Homes are on the increase

Architects have criticised the "shameful shoe-box homes" being built in Britain today, saying many are too small for family life. UK new homes are apparently the smallest in Europe, research by the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba) found the floor area of the average new three-bedroom home in the UK is 88 sq m, some 8 sq m short of the recommended space.

The increase of Polystyrene Houses

You may have seen us mention polystyrene houses our previous blogs, it is an architectural design process we are using more at Arc Design Services as we believe in its strong benefits!

When we talk about polystyrene houses we are actually referring to Insulated Concrete Formwork or ICF.

5 common mistakes made by property developers that can be avoided.

Have you ever been tempted to buy a property, re-design it and sell it for a huge amount of profit? Yes, we’ve all been there, got the t-shirt and realized that in fact, its not as simple as it sounds nor appears. Consider these 5 most common mistakes made by property developers and how the can be avoided.

Technology in Architectural Design

Technology affects all aspects of our lives, and is ever present in architectural design. At Arc Design Services, we like to keep an eye on new developments and technologies that we can incorporate into our designs. For example you may have seen we have designed numerous ‘polystyrene’ houses using an increasingly popular ICF technique (Insulated Concrete Framework).

Extreme Renovation – knock it down and start again!

This may sound a little extreme, but more and more people are now seeing this as the perfect solution for a bigger, better version of what they already have.

The practice has long been common among large-scale developers, where it has been dubbed “erase-and-replace.”

The Self Build Myth Buster

Over 10,000 homes were completed by self builders last year and through government incentives they are hoping this number will rise in 2014.

There are many benefits involved with building your own home. However, there are many myths that put people off the idea of self building and means they easily dismiss the idea.

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