Buy or New Build?

So you are ready to move into your forever home. This is a big step and of course, you want it to be perfect! There are so many different factors to consider but the first thing you need to decide is whether to buy a home where you'll be settling for existing designs and layouts, or buying a plot of land to build from the ground up.

Convenience and cost are the most appealing reasons to buy a house compared to starting a new build. Once the paperwork is signed, you could be moving into your new home within a couple of months. This option is ideal for people on a tight timeline such as those relocating or with kids that may be starting school soon. Of course, much of the time, this is a more cost-effective option and allows you to be in your preferred location that may already be established close to town, near good schools and a stone's throw from family and friends. Often the property's landscape will already have had time to grow and mature, giving you a well-established garden as well.

The downside is that you might be settling for something that just doesn't quite meet your needs. We all know that the watchword in buying a property is 'compromise'. It’s a long shot to find your dream home already built with the ideal floor plan, in pristine condition, and with the perfect location and landscape. Maybe you’re thinking that you can get close to your ideal home and just renovate, remodel, or add on to adjust the home? This is all extra expenditure that should be factored into the overall purchase price as well as additional considerations for the time taken with planning permission.

For this reason, you might just decide to build your home from scratch. It gives you the creative freedom to build what you want with the budget the only reason to compromise once you've found the perfect plot. You also have the ideal opportunity to build more energy efficiency into your home, from the construction method, such as Insulated Concrete Framework (ICF) to heating, ventilation and cooling. You’ll also be able to avoid issues such as asbestos, lead paint, and mould found in older homes by having new insulation, air filtration and being able to choose the materials used within every part of your home. Even if the initial upfront cost is more, building with energy-efficient longevity in mind could save on utility bills in the long run.

Budget is naturally the given constraint when building from scratch. Working with an architectural designer and potentially hiring a project manager can help minimise the possibility of costly overruns and delays. Building a new home needs expertise in planning permission and building regulations, not to mention translating your vision into a reality. There is no denying that building from scratch is a major commitment, but it can be worth it to live in the house of your dreams! 

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