Bringing the winery home!

This one is for all our wine enthusiasts! We’re about to make all your wine dreams come true with this post full of creative ways to insert a wine cellar into your home. It’s not a particularly simple process since you need to make sure that the climate is controlled to have the right temperature and the right humidity. We're going to look at what options you have to minimise any fluctuating conditions that may cause your wines to age too quickly or the process to become compromised.

There are two main options to consider. You could choose a cool, dry and dark area for your wine cellar that’s away from windows and exterior walls such as a basement, cellar or pantry. The other option is to invest in some mechanisms to help control the conditions such as insulation, a wine cooling system, possibly an exhaust room and a humidifier. What you will need will all depend on the size and the location of your cellar or another area you have earmarked.

If you are not able to utilise an area such as a basement or are unable to create a cellar, you can start with the most simple of forms by building in a small wine storage area where you would normally put cabinets. Kitchen cabinets and drawers can easily be modified with custom storage or a built-in wine cooler. This option lets you keep your wine hidden from view and out of the way but still safely stored. Another option is to use a section of wall possibly in your kitchen or your living room to mount wine racks or to fit upper wine shelving to have your wine bottles easily accessible and on display.

If you are looking to have something closer to a true wine cellar, closets and pantries are great areas to convert without having to add on to your current floor plan. A simple conversion could add elements like fitting the pantry with wine shelving, a decorative finish and adding ambient lighting. Or you could take it a step further by replacing or removing the closet/pantry door with something more elegant and having a wine cooling system built in. If your floor plan allows it, you can even replace the wall with a glass door to display your wine collection. Unused space beneath your staircase is another great area to create a small built-in wine cellar.

A full room conversion into a wine cellar allows for even more creative freedom. Complete your cellar with seating or dining furniture to create the perfect dinner party or wine tasting ambience. If you are looking to make your cellar fitted for more than just wines, add in a bar table and bar stools to allow for a full bar. This can be the perfect social setting for a wine tasting or a nightcap.

The options are endless for your wine cellar. Our experts at Arc Design Services can help you bring together the perfect the wine cellar for your home dream home. For more information, visit us at or call 0161 928 4433.

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