Staircases To Steal The Show!

Why go with the traditional when your staircase can be the main attraction of your home. Here at Arc Design Services we can design and build bespoke custom staircases. So, don’t let your home or the space available to you discourage your imagination from getting creative with the design of your staircase.

Wood is traditionally the most popular, and affordable, material used for stairs. It’s a strong material that’s easy to work with while offering endless creative freedom. It’s common for wood to only be used as a frame for your stairs, but now wood can be manipulated and carved into beautiful, intricate designs to frame your staircase. Different types of wood also can help keep costs down such as pine. Pine can also be painted, stained, varnished, or waxed so that while keeping costs low you can still achieve the finished look you are looking for. Oak is more costly, but is also hardwearing and the benefit of oak is the beautiful natural grain that can be enhanced by a simple mat varnish.

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Concrete, on the other hand, offers fast installation and will last a lifetime. Because of the fluidity of concrete, it also offers versatility to shape the concrete any way you’d like it. We know how concrete sounds. Boring and industrial right? But concrete can be polished or enhanced with materials like stone or granite to compliment any style home. If you’re looking for a simple installation with a luxurious finish, concrete may be the way to go.

One material that has gained a lot of popularity in the 21st century is glass. While we understand some people might be worried about how sturdy glass might be for the high impact of stairs, new varieties of glass have emerged that are more than capable of withstanding heavier weights. Unfortunately, glass is very high maintenance. It must constantly be cleaned and tended to keep up its lavish appearance. 

Another material that has grown in popularity is metal. This strong and durable material not only looks great on its own but easily compliments all other materials to achieve intricate and detailed designs. Depending on the metal that catches your eye, the cost can rise rather quickly, especially for custom orders. Metal must also be properly maintained to prevent signs of ageing appearing too quickly.

Our experts at Arc Designs are ready to start helping you design a marvellous unique staircase to fit right into your dream home. For more information, visit us at or call 0161 928 4433.

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