Has your property got the potential to extend?

If your home is on a small plot, or if you live in a listed property or a conservation area, you might be restricted in what changes you can do.

Design Ideas For Extending Your Home

At Arc Design Services Ltd, we understand that many of today’s homeowners face a dilemma. They’re happy in the area in which they live and their children are settled at a school close by and therefore don't want to move property,

Deciding on a New Shower That Is Right For You

Showers have come a long way in their long and illustrate history, from ancient structures whereby the original shower was neither indoor nor man-made to modern bathrooms.

Changes to Trafford Conservation Areas

As an Accredited Planning Agent by the Trafford Council, Arc Design Services is kept informed of current changes to laws pertaining to construction and architecture.

Establishing Opportunities For Custom Build Projects

Momentum is gathering in the custom-build sector, with opportunities for people to customise their own homes emerging at two separate locations in central England.

Encouraging Support For Self and Custom Build-Projects

Despite a recent blow to those hoping to deliver self and custom-build projects, the design and architecture industry is seeing encouraging levels of support from local authorities, resulting in the potential to boost future build prospects.

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