Why Roof Windows could help transform your home.

With an increasing amount of modern architectural trends focusing upon bringing natural light into our homes to conserve energy and maximise comfort, it is no surprise that roof windows are becoming increasingly popular amongst home renovations and extension projects. There are numerous brands but Velux is the world’s leading manufacturer in roof windows, flat roof windows, and sun tunnels with their brand name expertly chosen to represent the main benefits that Velux windows bring to your home. The VE stands for Ventilation, and ‘Lux’ is the Latin translation for light.

For many homeowners, roof windows are an ideal solution for loft conversions, attics, home extensions, and more. For example, sun tunnels can provide natural lighting to areas that are too restricted or small for a standard window. Roof windows are often considered the best way to optimise natural light in your home, allowing light to flow directly into your home all day. They help to provide up to twice as much light as vertical windows of the same size, propelling light further into your home, and aiding healthy ventilation. By allowing more light and air into your home, these windows can create a healthier, more inviting home environment with sunlight being a natural antidepressant, helping to improve our mood, comfort, and general wellbeing. Illuminating with natural light makes any room appear bigger and projects the idea of extended space.

Roof windows also create a range of financial benefits through their ability to potentially increase property value and often put your property at a favourable position to others of perceived competition. They also provide greater energy efficiency than standard windows through their indirect solar energy. If fitted correctly in an optimum position, roof windows can increase the thermal comfort of your home all year round and enable you to reap the financial rewards.

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Despite their advantages, roof windows also carry disadvantages and risks that must also be considered. For example, roof windows can amplify noises such as rain and become a distraction or nuisance if placed in rooms such as bedrooms or studies. However, many people find the sound of rain relaxing, acting as white noise, and it can often help conditions such as anxiety; therefore, in many cases may not be considered a disadvantage but an additional benefit. It is also regularly noted that roof windows can be hard to clean and are often despised by local window cleaners. However, companies like Velux regularly review their designs and have created windows that rotate 180 degrees enabling you to clean them yourselves. Therefore, the undeniable benefits that roof windows bring to any home in many cases outweigh the small selection of negatives.

At Arc Design Services, we specialise in architectural design dedicated to offering a fresh and exciting approach to every project. With this in mind, Arc Design Services could help you incorporate roof windows seamlessly into your existing home, renovation, or extension project, allowing you to achieve optimum natural light and ventilation and reap financial benefits.

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