A New Level of Design

In our last blog we went over conventional and traditional ceilings, but what’s the fun in settling for the convention when you’re doing an entire remodel? So let’s delve into more ceiling options to escalate the aesthetic of your interior designs.


Coved ceilings are elevated in a gradual manner from the main walls up to the ceiling and towards the centre of the room. This design creates a round concave surface highlighted sometimes with the use of curved mouldings. This technique can also be combined with a tray ceiling to create a taller and airier look. Coved ceilings are common in formal rooms to create a comforting, soft, or subtle essence. You could incorporate this into your renovation or extension project or it could be your next DIY project with a coved ceiling kit.


This style is often found in houses built of timber such as cabins but has grown in popularity for modern rustic and contemporary styled homes. True beamed ceilings are load-bearing beams that are exposed inside your home. They limit your insulation and are not as energy-efficient as finished ceilings. Aesthetically it creates depth when integrated with a vaulted ceiling. The other route to go is to create decorative, light-weight faux beams. Materials vary from hardwood to fibreglass or polyurethane. Faux beams can be integrated into regular flat ceilings to achieve your desired aesthetic.


Typically found in homes with converted attic spaces, shed ceilings are a type of vault ceiling that slopes upward to one side. The angle is not as steep as a cathedral ceiling, but can still vary from steep to subtle. Shed ceilings are a modern style that offers a refreshing look. They also create better insulation and ventilation. Many shed ceilings are accompanied by the addition of windows near the top of the slant, which allows natural light to illuminate the room. 

Ceilings designs are endless. Even within the few, we have discussed, there are so many varieties that we have not covered. For a full scope of your options with your ceilings, contact our expert designers at Arc Design Services at www.arcdesigservices.net or call 0161 928 4433.

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