Alternative sustainable resources you should consider for your home design plans.

Homeowners are continuing to adjust their focus to more sustainable home design, not just for environmental benefit but financial reasons too. It is no surprise that manufacturers are adjusting their focus and developing new more sustainable materials to incorporate into home design. In this blog, we explore sustainable resources that you could include in your home design and we explore their potential benefits. 


Concrete is a large contributor to carbon emissions (4-8% of total global emissions – The Guardian, 2023) therefore, using a more sustainable alternative could drastically decrease your home's carbon footprint and its environmental impact. Hempcrete is an excellent alternative – a bio-composite made of a mixture of hemp, hurds, the coarse part of hemp, or flex and lime mineral. Hempcrete also lacks the brittleness of concrete, so does not require expansion joints and is considerably more lightweight when compared to concrete. 

Reclaimed timber 

In previous blogs, we have explored the benefits of reusing materials or purchasing second-hand materials - using reclaimed timer in your home design is arguably one of the most sustainable alternative resources on the market. Using reclaimed wood not only prevents it from going to waste or landfill but also allows you to enjoy the rich history and character that comes with it. It is often provided for free (through recycle or online giveaway sites) or at a much lower price than sourcing new! Examples can include using old scaffold planks for shelving, or for furniture and worktops, and much, much more! 

Lime plaster 

Lime plaster is a perfect replacement for cement plaster, whether this is for use inside or outside your home. Lime plaster has carbon-neutral properties and is easily recycled. Other benefits include high breathability, its ability to absorb harmful environmental gasses, and its high durability. 


Cork is another great sustainable alternative that can be used for flooring to kitchen cabinetry, or for its insulation properties. It is also extremely durable, can be fully recycled or composted, and is a great aesthetically pleasing feature in any home - what isn't to love?

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