A room with a view - which balcony is best?

In recent years incorporating outdoor spaces leading off bedrooms has become increasingly popular.

From Juliet balconies to full terraces, the market for this feature continues to thrive. Balconies, regardless of their size, can add an extra dimension to any home, especially from a bedroom, as this can become a romantic chill out space bringing a whole new level of natural light and sense of outdoor living. In this blog, we discuss what options there are available to add this feature to your home. 

Juliet balcony 

Juliet balconies are best described as a ‘false balcony’ and often are the most effective way to add a balcony to your home, usually without planning permission or major work to your existing home structure. Despite this, Juliet balconies can still make a room feel more spacious and open to the external environment creating a strong feeling of freedom and flow, letting in lots of light.

Roof window balconies 

If your home has a loft conversion, a roof window could be perfect for you – creating that wow factor and ultimate place to relax. An example of these are the Velux Cabrio balconies that open from a window to a balcony in seconds, providing a place to enjoy the sun without the expense of planning permission required to install a full balcony. Another main benefit is they transfer back into a flush window within seconds, enabling you to pick and choose when the balcony is used, which makes them perfect for busy families with young children. 

Alternative balconies 

If you are looking to add a more substantial balcony or full terrace to your home, it is worth noting that planning permission will be required and can be a costly change to make. There are many different types of substantial balconies, including stacked balconies, bolt-on balconies, cantilever balconies and many more. The best structure for you would depend on your existing home structure, the space available and, of course, your budget. 

If you are thinking about the addition of a balcony to your home, there are careful considerations to be made from a planning perspective especially in terms of any impact of overlooking neighbouring properties. We can work with you to ensure that any relevant planning points are met to make the planning process smoother.

At Arc Design Services, we specialise in architectural design, offering a fresh and exciting approach to every project. With this in mind, Arc Design Services could help you incorporate a balcony into your bedroom design whether this is in your existing home, renovation or new build plans. Contact our experts today, at Arc Design Services at www.arcdesignservices.net or 0161 928 4433.

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