Celebrating our 500th Planning Application Approval in Trafford

We have recently had notification of a milestone approval of one of our planning applications - our 500th one in Trafford alone!

It wasn’t entirely unexpected that our most recent scheme would be approved as we have a 99% approval rate on our applications, with the majority being approved without amendments. Our experience and detailed knowledge of the planning rules and regulations, along with expertise in added challenges such as working within conservation areas and with heritage buildings, means that it’s only on rare occasions that we have to submit amended designs, which also have a high success rate. We work closely with Trafford Council prior to our submission, or amendments, which means we can be confident that most of our applications are successful first time around, and our exceptional approval rate is maintained.

38 Carrwood Front

Gaining planning approval with our initial submission means that our client gets the design that they want without needing to compromise, and saves both time and cost because we spend less time having to amend designs post-submission. It also means that development can progress to schedule rather than being delayed because of planning changes or design amendments.

38 Carrwood Rear

Our 500th approved scheme is for a large new build super home, with 6 bedrooms over 4 floors totalling 13,600 square feet in Hale Barns. It also includes a significant leisure facility, incorporating a gym, media room and much more. As always, we have considered not only the functionality of the design and the aesthetic, but also energy-efficiency and longevity. Our professionalism and attention to detail ensures that the client is happy that we are meeting their needs and that we are confident in achieving planning approval.

At Arc Design Services, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best design and service for our clients, which includes navigating the sometimes tricky planning approvals process. As we are confident in our schemes, we are also confident in being able to appeal any rare challenges that we face from the planning department, resulting in our outstanding approval rate.If you would like to discuss how we can design your new build, extension or renovation, contact our experts today, at Arc Design Services at www.arcdesignservices.net or 0161 928 4433. 

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