Our top ideas for making the most out of the smallest of spaces in your home.

With energy costs, living costs and house prices all increasing, the affordability for many people to move house or extend their homes is becoming less and less.

Consequently, many homeowners are being forced to make do with the limited space that they have available. In this blog, we discuss our top ideas for making the most out of even the smallest spaces in your home and ensuring, regardless of size, your home does the jobs you need it to do.

Maximise your storage space

Perhaps, the simplest way to make the most out of a small space is to maximise your storage space. For example, a floor-to-ceiling unit will make the most of every inch of space. This unit could then incorporate shelving, cupboards, drawers, and surfaces that could double up as bedside tables, a desk, etc. If the space you have is difficult, or simply does not meet the measurements of shop-bought furniture, then bespoke or made-to-measure pieces could work best for you and are also 100% customisable to the needs of you and your family – so are often a win-win!


Make your furniture work hard for you!

Another simple way of making the most of limited space is making sure your furniture doesn't just do the job you bought it to do but can also double up as something else. Make your furniture work hard! For example, make your headboard double up as storage. They can incorporate a bedside table, bookcase, shelving and much more! Buying a bed that incorporates a TV, and under-bed storage can also save you the space of a TV stand and units elsewhere in your home. Similarly a sofa that turns into a sofa bed can also help create additional sleeping areas when needed. Look at cube dining tables, where the chairs slot in fully underneath, or expandable tables for when you're entertaining. There are many more ways that furniture can double to do multiple jobs for your home. We would recommend you create a list of all the things you need your home to do and even have a look at 'van life' or 'tiny home' space savers.

Are you using every inch of your home to its full potential?

Using wasted space is something we have spoken about endlessly in our blogs here at Arc Design Services – before you consider extending or moving, ensure you are utilising your wasted space first. Do you have an internal garage that could be converted into an additional living space? How do you utilise your space under the stairs? Do you make the most of your landing space? Could you convert your loft? Have you considered linking to an outbuilding? The options are endless – by speaking with us, we could help ensure you maximise every inch of your home and transform the way it works for you.

At Arc Design Service, we specialise in architectural design, dedicated to offering a fresh and exciting approach to every project. With this in mind, Arc Design Services can help you make the most of every space in your home whether in your existing home or renovation plans. Contact our experts today at Arc Design Services at www.archdesignservices.net or 0161 928 4433.

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