Which construction type is best for you?

In our last blog, we started to discuss the variety of construction methods, that you could choose when building your own home. Whilst, picking the method that works best for you is important, it often depends on your budget, design criteria and planning permission regulations in your local area. Nevertheless, we believe it's important to be aware of all the readily available methods and their benefits. In this blog, we discuss further construction methods and what they could bring to your build.

Structural insulated panels (SIPS)

In our previous blog we discussed timber frame construction however, Structural Insulated Panels are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and labour-saving alternative. Structural Insulated Panels typically consist of two sheets of oriented strand board filled with a thick layer of foam insulation. As the foam sets, it chemically bonds with the orientated strand board, creating an ultra-strong panel without the need for any internal stud work. Structural Insulated Panels are easily built within approximately 5-7 days and are 7 times stronger than timber-framed alternatives. A further long-term benefit is low energy bills, reduced energy consumption, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions, which is a massive benefit with new legislation asking for greater energy efficiency combined with rising energy bills.


COB construction

COB construction, whilst, not very popular in modern times, is an extremely simple and durable form of construction. In simple terms, COB construction refers to making buildings with dirt. The technique involves building up thick walls, by building up in layers, letting each one harden before adding the next. The construction is then finished by being plastered with clay or lime or can be left unfinished. This form of construction whilst, very time-consuming is extremely durable and creates high levels of insulation which is a must for many homeowners. Will this form of construction start to make a comeback as levels of insulation and energy efficiency continue to become a priority for homeowners?

Straw bale construction

Straw bale construction is a very low-cost and readily available form of construction. Whilst it has become less popular in modern times, this form of construction is gaining greater interest due to the increasing demand for creating sustainable housing. Straw is often a farm surplus product, inexpensive and easily renewable, and if built properly can create strong, fire-resistant homes that fit the sustainability trend – could this form of construction also make a big comeback?

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