Top interior design trends for 2022

So far this year, our blogs have covered what we believe the top architectural trends will be for 2022. In this blog, we discuss what we believe the top interior design trends will be in 2022, to complement the architectural predictions we've already made.


Sustainability is something we have spoken about time and time again. As the cost of living continues to increase exponentially, we believe how homeowners think and consider sustainability will also follow the same pattern. Sustainability is now something that everyone is concerned about and applies now to almost everything. Sustainability will not only be seen in home design, but in how those homes' interiors are developed using materials that are better for our long-term health, ecosystems, and our back pockets.

70’s/bold colours and patterns

The fashion trends of 2021-2022 have seen the reintroduction of colour into your wardrobes - a trend that we think will also follow into the world of interior design, combined with the 60s/70s twist. As part of the upcoming colour palettes, shades of green will be increasingly popular as homeowners continue to try to bring the outdoors inside and create a more calming atmosphere. Tropical designs will complement the greens, and you'll see rattan furniture edge its way inside rather than just sit on the patio.

Traditional details

In 2022 we expect to see traditional details make a big comeback in interior design. It is no secret that over the past 2-3 years, the world has experienced extreme change and loss, so we believe homeowners will seek a sense of comfort and nostalgia in their homes. Homeowners want to be bold and brave but also have elements of timelessness and comfort in unison – this can come in many ways, from mixing patterns to incorporating or upcycling antique pieces and many, many more.

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