Introducing creative organisational spaces into your home

As families grow, it can become more difficult to think about organising your home, whether your home is small or big sometimes a little creativity can go a long way. In this blog, we discuss how you can introduce creative organisational spaces into your home – from larger spaces to small we will cover it all!

Wine cellars

For many people, a wine cellar or wine room is just a dream! However, there are many ways that you can make this dream a reality. If you have a larger budget, a basement is an ideal space for a wine cellar as temperatures are usually cooler and creates a more luxurious separate space from the rest of the home. However, if you are on a smaller budget or a basement is not an option in your home, you can easily create a wine room in a smaller space in your existing home. For example, your understairs space can be simply transformed into a wine room with a small cooling system, and adding a glass door could create a sophisticated look. Alternatively, if space is more difficult a small wine fridge/area in your kitchen or utility can be just as affective


A pantry is a perfect way to add storage to any home, whether the space is big or small there are so many ways to make sure this space works for you. A pantry is a perfect way to make sure you have everything you need for your kitchen in one easily accessible space. The most important aspect of a pantry is ensuring it works well for you and your family’s needs – it’s important to make use of all vertical space and organise this space according to your use and frequency of access. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas and although it may be very much a process of trial and error, you can get your pantry space works perfectly for you and your family. If your home does not have a pantry, incorporating this into your kitchen design is a great way to make the most out of your space but maintain an aesthetically pleasing kitchen area.

Under-stair storage

We have already discussed how under-stairs storage could easily be transformed into a wine room for that luxurious feel to your home. However, if you struggle for space in your house, there are many other creative ways you can transform this space from a small office area, a utility space, or even a collection of cupboards and draws for shoes, coats, cleaning equipment, and much, much more. Ways you can utilise this space are endless with more and more creative ways being explored every day – it is even now possible to get your bottom 3 steps to raise and create additional shoe storage, so none of your space is wasted!

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