Everything you need to know about insulated concrete formwork

Insulated concrete formwork is often referred to as ICF and is becoming increasingly popular in home design. It is often considered ‘the lego of build systems’. In short, ICF provides building professionals with a more efficient way to build concrete homes. But what is it? In this blog, we will define ICF, and explain its benefits. 

What is insulated concrete formwork? 

An insulated concrete framework can often be quite difficult to explain or understand if you are not a building professional. In short, ICF is a construction system that uses purpose-made insulated panels to hold fresh concrete that remains in place permanently even after the concrete is set to provide insulation to the whole building structure. 

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Benefits of insulated concrete framework: 

There are many benefits of incorporating insulated concrete formwork into your home design. Below we list some of the most significant benefits:

  • Provides excellent acoustic insulation 
  • Is highly energy-efficient – helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 
  • Reduces building labour costs and can reduce building time 
  • Construction can continue in periods of rain, frost, or snow 
  • Insulated concrete framework exceeds requirements for fire protection 
  • Forms a structural concrete wall which is 10 x stronger than wood-framed structures 
  • Can be made from recycled materials that can reduce the environmental impact of the building and is consequently more sustainable. 
  • Can increase the purchase price of your home after it's built – usually in the region of 3-5% more than a wooden framed build. 

Insulated concrete formwork has been around for a few years and has been growing in popularity due to the benefits outlined above. We have experience designing homes using this construction method because it lends itself to unusual and complex structures, such as curved walls. It also enables us to be more creative in design as well as more environmentally friendly.

At Arc Design Services, we specialise in architectural design, offering a fresh and exciting approach to every project. With this in mind, Arc Design Services could help you reap the benefits of ICF whether this is in your renovation, extension, or complete home build. Contact our experts today at Arc Design Services at www.arcdesignservices.net or 0161 928 4433.

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