Heat pumps as a heating alternative hot topic.

Continuing our discussion on how you can make your home warm and cosy this winter, in this blog, we discuss the government’s new scheme to encourage people to install low carbon heating systems. 

Heat in buildings is known to be one of the UK’s largest sources of carbon emissions contributing to 21% of total carbon emissions it is, therefore, no surprise that the government have started to focus on low-carbon heating systems to ensure that we meet our target to end our contribution to climate change by 2050. 

The government has announced a plan to drive down the cost of low carbon heating systems such as heat pumps to ensure they are no more expensive to buy or run than current fossil fuel boilers, however, they have stated that it could take until 2030 for this statement to be true. Consumers can expect reductions of between 25/50% by 2025 as the market and technology surrounding low carbon alternative develops. Heat pump low-carbon heating systems work by running on electricity rather than gas and extracting energy from the air or ground. Through a £450 million Boiler Upgrade Scheme homeowners will be able to claim a £5000 grant for installing a low-carbon heating system instead of a fossil fuel alternative. This scheme forms part of more than a £3.9 billion funding investment for cutting carbon emissions alongside a bid to make social housing more energy-efficient and reduce emissions from public buildings over the next three years. 

The government has announced that these schemes will not only reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and help to cut emissions, but also reduce homeowners’ concerns as global gas prices continue to rise. The scheme will also provide support to 240,000 jobs across the country by 2035. However, the scheme has not gone uncriticised with Green MP Caroline Lucas suggesting that the voluntary nature of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is concerning, and more urgent action is required. Despite this, energy giants such as Octopus Energy have shown total support for the scheme announcing that they will install heat pumps for the same cost as gas boilers once the scheme is launched. 

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