Add warmth to your home this autumn/winter

As most of the UK enjoy the final drips and drabs of summer sunshine, it is no surprise that many architectural and interior trends are starting to focus more on indoor living than outdoor, especially with a very cold winter forecast.

In this blog, we discuss how you can add warmth to your home by installing a new fire and fireplace or utilising your current one.

Modern or traditional

Gas or electric

There are thousands of fires and fireplaces on the market for you to choose from, but the main question always surrounds gas or electric? The answer is almost always down to personal preference or whether you have an existing fireplace structure that you are reusing. For example, if you are simply replacing your existing gas fire with a more modern or energy-efficient alternative, gas or electric could be an option. However, it is always worth noting that a gas safety check should be completed to examine the condition of the chimney or flue. If the chimney or flue is damaged, it may be costly to put right, particularly in older homes. An electric alternative that does not require a chimney or flue could be the solution to your problem. Similarly, if you are planning to install a fire in a room where there is not a fire already, electric fires are incredibly easy to install. Many models only need to be plugged in and often come with a remote so you can adjust the temperature from anywhere in the room! If you are in a rural location, you may not have gas to your property, in which case, an electric fire will be your only option.

Energy efficiency and environmental impact

It is important when installing or utilising your existing fireplace that you check the energy efficiency rating of your chosen fire. Whilst also being good for the environment, energy-efficient fires will help to cut your energy wastage and reduce your household heating bills. Similarly, if your home is fitted with an open fireplace or log burner, it is now a legal requirement that the wood you use is ‘ready to burn’. In other words, this means that the wood has been certified for immediate usage and burns better due to its less than 20% moisture content helping to create less smoke and, in turn, reduce pollution and improve air quality.

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