How a utility room could benefit your home

It is no surprise that utility rooms/spaces are on the rise with everybody aware that a well-laid out laundry space is key to a tidy and stress-free home!

In this blog, we discuss the benefits of adding a utility room to your home and ways to reap the benefits of a utility space regardless of what room you have available! 

Improve home life 

It is estimated that across our lifetime we spend around 5 months of our lives doing laundry often with laundry cluttering the kitchen, washing sprawled over radiators, and the washer/dryer disturbing every part of downstairs life with its persistent noise! As homes become increasingly open plan, it is no surprise that the need for a dedicated space for laundry is on the rise to prevent the disturbance of teatime chat or movie nights. Additionally, by having a separate space you can hide all your laundry and sins from any guests creating a cleaner and more inviting space with less manic last-minute cleaning required! 

Increase property value and attractiveness to buyers

As people become more invested in home design and the list of things homes must have become longer, it is no surprise that an amazing kitchen is often not enough for potential buyers! Most potential buyers want a utility room or area as standard which is being reflected in new build design with more and more new builds having utility rooms built-in. By installing a utility room or space into your home it will almost definately increase value and buying potential! 

Pet haven

A utility room is also heaven for anybody that has a pet, providing the perfect space for any food or equipment that they may need and it can also act as a bedroom for pets giving them the perfect space to rest, away from the noise and chaos in the rest of the home. Similarly, they can provide the perfect space for pets to dry off after a muddy walk or after being caught out in the rain. A more recent trend and addition to utility spaces is to install ‘pet showers’ which provide an easy and convenient space to wash your pets without having to traipse them through the full house. This will help you to keep mud and mess to a minimum and keep your pets fresh all year round.

Other spaces

If your home does not have the space to add a utility room, there are many ways that you can compromise to create the perfect laundry area to suit the space and size of your home. For example, you could create a laundry cupboard with a washing machine and tumble dryer stacked on top of one another which is still hidden away. Similarly, you could exploit the space under the stairs that is usually just a dark dumping ground by turning it under a creative laundry space – this is a trend that is increasingly seen in new build design. Alternatively, you could turn your garage space or cellar into a laundry/utility space. 

At Arc Design Services, we specialise in architectural design, dedicated to offering a fresh and exciting approach to every project. With this in mind, Arc Design Services could help you create the perfect utility space, whether this is in your existing home, renovation, or extension plans. Contact our experts today at Arc Design Services at or 0161 928 443.

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