How orangeries could benefit your home

Orangeries are perfect for creating a multi-functional space that can be utilised for various purposes. Orangeries are often confused and unfairly associated with conservatories, which in recent years have become less popular due to their heating issues – being too hot in summer and extremely cold in the winter.

Orangeries differ by being matched to the aesthetic of the home, made with more brickwork and have more of a consistent temperature with greater energy efficiency, intended to look like a more natural extension of the home with a greater level of privacy. Therefore, it is no surprise that orangeries have become increasing popular and left conservatories as a distant past trend. In this blog, we discuss all things related to orangeries to help you decide whether they are an option for your home.

Benefits of orangeries

Energy saving

One downside of conservatories is their tendency to be too hot in summer and too cold in winter, meaning that energy bills for creating the correct temperature in a conservatory can be large all year round. With an orangery, they are made of predominantly brick, which is designed to seal in heat and when combined with double glazing helps to keep orangeries at a suitable temperature all year round.

Connects outdoor and indoor living

Orangeries enable you to connect outdoor and indoor living by giving you the enjoyable view of your garden all year round regardless of the British weather. An orangery also allows a large amount of light to flood into your home creating a lighter, brighter and healthier home environment.

Add value to your home

Orangeries have become more desirable in recent years often providing an extension to a sociable kitchen space or a separate dining area and consequently can add significant value to your property.


Due to the level of brickwork and aesthetic of the design, orangeries create a perfect multi-functional space that can be used as a dining room, home office, playroom, or home gym.

The main con that comes with adding an orangery to your home is the cost however, when you way up the cost-benefit and the potential extra property value the benefit can often out way the cost and provide an excellent extension and adding living space to your home.

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