The allure of open plan living

For many years the formality of traditional Victorian and Georgian home layouts has become impractical for modern families and lifestyles. Family homes are now used for a range of activities, even more so during the era of Covid-19. From classroom, office, and gym to social activities, homes now more than ever need to be multi-functional.

Consequently, open plan living spaces have been hugely popular in recent years, with the idea that an open plan living/kitchen space can be enjoyed by the whole family. For example, someone could be cooking whilst someone is working from the dining room table and the rest of the family enjoying evening TV and so on. In simpler terms, open plan living is perfect for busy family homes or homes craving a social space that is multifunctional. But there are a number of considerations that must be discussed and thoroughly thought through before extending or knocking down walls in your home to create this space. In this blog, we discuss all open plan living considerations that you should contemplate before improving the functionality of your home.

1) When creating an open-plan living zone, it is essential that you thoroughly think about what you want to achieve and how you would like to use your open-plan space. At this point, it is often worth considering working with an architectural designer to ensure that your ideas and hopes are practical or whether there are any other potential avenues to explore that can provide a more practicable or useful space.

2) During the design phase, it is crucial to consider creating zones for different spaces to ensure the space can be enjoyed to its full potential. Drawing out these zones and how they will interlink is often useful to visualise how the open-plan space will work. It is also beneficial to consider where large appliances will be located, for example, washers and dryers, or whether your plan will include a separate utility room to help minimise noise.

3) At this point, planning your kitchen design/floorplan is essential to ensure that the space is the correct size and shape for your requirements. For example, will you need a kitchen island or breakfast bar? Where will your appliances such as sink, hob and fridge be positioned? Working with a kitchen designer can help to visualise your ideas, get a feel of the size available and, how the rest of the furniture and space will be positioned. This step will also provide you with a final opportunity to make cosmetic or design changes to your extension or renovations before proceeding with permission and completion of your plans.

At Arc Design Services, we specialise in architectural design, dedicated to offering a fresh and exciting approach to every project. With this in mind, Arc Design Services could help you add open plan living to your existing home, renovation or extension plans to help you create a multi-functional space perfect for family life. Contact our experts today at Arc Design Services at or 0161 928 4433. 

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