Bi-fold doors vs sliding doors

The concept of bringing the outside inside and incorporating indoor and outdoor living into everyday life has been a huge architectural design trend for many years and continues to thrive in 2021 design.

However, a dilemma that is faced by many homeowners is whether bi-fold or sliding doors are best suited for their home. In this blog we way up the pros and cons of both to help you make the correct decision for your home improvement plans.

Bifold doors


  • Bi-folds can replace a whole wall in a room, extension or renovation creating a modern feel
  • When bi-folds are open they offer an uninterrupted view outside
  • Add value to your home
  • Allows indoor and outdoor space to flow seamlessly and make the most of the space available


  • Bi-folds require more frame than sliding doors meaning less glass and more panelling which break up the view when closed – potentially an issue for homes in colder climates or with poor weather.
  • Have to push the whole door back for access outside (however, some bi-folds come with traffic doors to prevent this issue)

Sliding doors


  • Sliding doors have a higher glass to frame ratio meaning better uninterrupted views when doors are closed – perfect for colder climates
  • They provide a sleek, modern and minimalist approach to glazing which is perfect for contemporary home design
  • Perfect for maximising natural light into your home
  • Sliding doors are easier to move over tracks
  • Generally a cheaper alternative to bi-fold doors


  • With sliding doors only one door can open meaning there is a barrier between outdoor and indoor space
  • Cannot open the full width of space available
  • With most sliding doors there are no flush tracks meaning there is often a small lip or step down into garden area

In summary both options provide fantastic benefits and the final decision largely comes down to your personal preference and situation. For example, the width of space available to you, your budget and the weather conditions where you live. In our professional opinion if you are looking for minimal sight-lines of the outdoors and will have the doors closed 80% of the time then sliding doors are a great option. But if you’re after a door that opens up the full width and improves the way you and your family integrate your home and garden then bi-fold doors are likely to be the best choice.

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