Architecture up and coming trends in 2021

As we look forward to a hopefully brighter and more positive year ahead, we thought we would discuss our top five trends that we expect to see a great deal of in 2021.

Industrial Style

Industrial style refers to a minimalist style that incorporates industrial elements into home design and creates a rustic and modern look all in one – think New York Brooklyn loft with bare brick, distressed wood, and mixed metal compliments. Industrial architecture has continually increased in popularity over the last few decades and is a trend we expect to continue to thrive in 2021.

Open, multifunctional multipurpose spaces

Having spent the majority of 2020 in lockdown, lockdown life revealed for many that today’s homes are not built to accommodate all the needs of a typical family. From working from home, home workouts, children learning from home, and minimal times spent outside the four walls of your home, complaints quickly arose from feeling too crowded and having impractical space at home. Having learnt their lessons in 2020, we suspect that people will be eager to create a home that can comfortably accommodate all elements of the new 'normal' home life.

Eco-friendly design

As noted in our sustainability in home renovation blog (insert link), people are becoming more passionate about eco-friendly living and are increasingly influenced by environmental figures such as David Attenborough. As preserving the environment moves to the top of everybody’s agenda, it is also becoming one of the top architectural trends.

The new minimalism

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, minimalism has experienced a new round of popularity due to the widespread desire for functionality and harmony. Minimalism refers to simplistic design and decoration, focusing on the essentials, and taking away any elements that may divert attention away from the heart of the architectural design. Additionally, this trend may also thrive due to its support for eco-friendly living, by using fewer materials but of higher quality to ensure thermal and acoustic insulation and resulting in economic savings and environmental benefits.

Smart homes

As automated systems are becoming increasingly in demand to control temperature, light, and extra home security, smart homes are almost certainly going to be on the rise in 2021. The integration of technology within architecture will also continue to rise as technology continues to become more prominent in our day to day lives and may become a top architectural design trend for many years to come.

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