The Most Popular (And Expensive) Rooms To Remodel

Are you ready to start renovating your home? Or maybe you're looking to move into a house you can renovate? Either way, it’s important to keep in mind the cost of some of these remodels. And as excited as you are to renovate, the most popular room to remodel also happens to be the most expensive.

Now considering the room that brings everyone together, kitchens are usually the most expensive rooms to remodel. The bulk of your remodelling price comes from having custom cabinets that are built to meet the specifications of your kitchen. Apart from that, there are quality material countertops, deciding whether to have smart appliances or not, possible electrical and plumbing changes, flooring, and maybe even floor plan changes that allow for more space. On average the budget for a kitchen remodel can be between £10k – £20k. For a fully customised kitchen remodel the price can even possibly creep up to over£50k. If you are looking to move then our recommendation is to look for a house that has a kitchen as close to what you want as possible to be able to cut down on renovation costs. However, the renovation costs can still come in lower than those costs required to move house, so it is worth considering all costs involved.

The second most popular room to be remodelled is the bathroom, with the master bathroom being a popular choice, but homeowners also tend to lean towards upgrading their guest bathrooms or ensuites. A guest bathroom is often smaller, meaning fewer decisions to make when remodelling and as a result are one of the most inexpensive remodels at an average of under £3k.

A master bathroom, on the other hand, offers so many possibilities that it falls in the higher range budget range of £6k – £9k, or even higher. It is considerably less than a kitchen remodel, but with just as many decisions to make. The master bathroom has gone from a room of functionality to a room of luxury with more and more homeowners looking to create a spa-style bathroom. The most popular designs combine traditional and contemporary themes with clean lines. With different designs for bathtubs, showers, and accessories, master bathrooms are a full project all on their own. Not to mention bathroom technology such as wifi controlled digital showers and intelligent toilets. In the highest-end renovations, a professional craftsman may even be contracted for custom-built accessories such as vanity units, counters, and mirror frames. In the end, remodelling bathrooms is also a great investment for resale. The best return has been proven to come from both kitchen and bathroom renovations.

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