More Creative Ways to Up Your Indoor Game

We’re back with more extravagant ideas for your interior doorways. Although many of the following ideas have been popular for some time, others are modern styles that are quickly rising. Read on to find out what one of the most popular door trends of 2020 is.

Bifold doors are a set of doors that are hinged together so they fold into each other. They are installed on a track that hangs from the top. Bifold doors are best for larger and wider openings like kitchens, closets or utility rooms. The panels can be customised to be thinner or larger depending on your needs.

The classic French doors have always been popular. They are held on hinges on each side of the opening and swing outwards away from each other to open. They are gorgeous for framing a view or good for interior separations as well. These elegant doors will instantly increase the beauty of your home and give a whimsical essence to the room.

Pivot doors turn on 2 metal rotates at the top and bottom of the door. It has become very trendy for modern-day styled houses, even though they can require a large space to swing open and close. Because of their large nature they might be more practical for an opening to the outdoors. If space allows, your pivot door can double as a bookcase and be a magnificent interior centrepiece to separate two large rooms.

One of the most recent and most popular trends of 2020 that continues to rise is barn doors. It hangs from a track mounted on the wall above the opening and slides to either side of the opening. It is easy to slide and saves space if there isn’t much for a swinging door. On the downside, they do not completely close a space, therefor sacrificing a bit of visual privacy. They also do not block all odours and can be noisy to open or close. If you are looking for just a unique transition between complementary spaces, barn doors could be the perfect addition. 

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