Interior Door Styles Unique to Your Home

Your front door may be the first thing your guests see, but your interior needs to be looking just as stylish for when they get through the door. In some cases, an interior door can even be the centre of attention for a room. Here are some new styles and trends to up your door game this year. 

The classic hinged door is still the most frequently used for interiors. With one end of the door installed on hinges while the other end swings open, theses doors are most often a rectangular frame. Nowadays there are multiple styles of this door, characterized by the number, shape and styles of the design panels on it. 

Dutch doors are doors which are divided horizontally to have a different panel on top from the bottom. These types of doors are great for cooking areas but have also been used as front doors, and really suit rustic properties.

Pocket doors slide in and out of an area into the wall so that it disappears from sight. They are the practical option for small spaces or rooms that have multiple entries back to back so that doors are not swinging into each other. They recently have grown in popularity and can be installed as single or double doors.

Sliding doors also move on a track but they overlap so that only one part of the opening is accessible at a time. For this reason, they should only be considered for larger openings like bedrooms, decks and leading to the outdoors. When used for closets, these doors often double as full-length mirrors. For decks or outdoors spaces these doors are commonly full glass panels, although the full glass panels can be deceiving so take care not to walk straight into a closed door! They do not swing open, so they do not disrupt the space around it. 

Doors typically used for garages and storage facilities have recently become a trend for living-room spaces. These roller doors or sectional overhead doors can be installed as all glass panels, making it great for separating the indoors from a garden area or deck.

Our experts at Arc Design Services can help you determine what doorways and styles fit within the dimensions of your home and can help you design and install every part of them as part of your new build, extension or home renovation. For more information, visit us at or call 0161 928 4433.

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