Cozy Up this Winter

It feels like we skipped right over autumn and went straight into winter this year. So what better way to warm up this winter than with a new cosy fireplace for your living room. Check out our ideas for gorgeous fireplace surrounds for a mini house makeover as we face the harsh winter nights.

A red brick surround for a fireplace achieves a great classic look and last a lifetime. Old and dated brick fireplaces can be given a simple touch up. A fresh coat of paint and a clear finishing coat gives your old fireplace a refreshing new look that will complement any room renovations.

A dramatic look is quick and easy with a painted surround. The basic painted surround is perfect to build up from as well to achieve the perfect fireplace for your room. Paint can also be used outside the fireplace surround to blend the area into the rest of the room. For example, you could paint an open space above the fireplace mantel the same colour as the mantel to break up the room. Using plaster and a bold paint colour, the fireplace could have a textured adobe style. 

Trying to achieve a specific look? Stone is a versatile material that creates many possibilities. Stone can be sleek or textured, one colour, or an entire colour scheme. It also allows you to make the fireplace area a small feature of the room by simply being the direct surrounding of the fireplace, or the main room attraction by being a floor to ceiling backdrop. 

Tiles offer endless possibilities to change up your fireplace this winter. With different colours, patterns, and shapes that the tiles can be placed in, any room can be complemented with tiles. Glass mosaic tiles create a jewelled centrepiece, while buffed limestone tiles present a classic style. Glass and marble mosaic tiles can break up a room when placed from floor to ceiling and offer an opportunity to elevate your fireplace to a mid-level for a contemporary focal point. Stainless steel tiles can offer different look with shaped tiles such as silver dollar-sized for a glam style.

Slate is a less traditional way of renovating your fireplace. A small area of black slate, not ceramic tile, can be used to lift your fireplace so that it is not flush with the floor. While a large scale slate is ideal for a modern/contemporary style.

Mantels and mouldings come in so many shapes and styles and are perfect to finish off your fireplace surround design with a unique frame. They also provide the opportunity to mix multiple of the above surrounds within and out of the mantel. Old mantels can be found in antique and vintage shops and retouched for any finish desired. All that’s needed is some wood stain and the desired gloss finishing lacquer. 

All kinds of décor can be added to this area as well. Mirrors are a traditional item that can be incorporated. Custom cabinetry units are a great way to add bookshelves and room for your tv and sound system all in the living room alongside the fireplace. Mirrored panels can also create a comforting centre around the fireplace.

Are you ready to get cosy this winter? Experts at Arc Design Services can help you simplify the process of including a focal fireplace in your new build or renovation. For more information visit us at or call 0161 928 4433.

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