Ways to Slide Some Fun Into Your Home

Slides have long surpassed the stereotype of only belonging in playgrounds, but now there are numerous ways to incorporate them into your home. Add slides to children's areas, or create aesthetic backgrounds to your home with these unique designs.

Children’s bedrooms have endless possibilities, and what better place to be creative. A small slide can be placed at the edge of your child’s bed to make getting up in the morning something they look forward to. Creating a loft bed area with a ladder on one side and a slide on another creates more space in the bedroom. The space left under the bed loft area can be used for storage cubbies, a desk area, or a play area. When you have multiple children, slides are another fun addition to bunk beds that make getting up in the morning more exciting.

Playrooms are another great area to incorporate a slide. Indoor playgrounds and loft areas are the perfect spots to add a slide. Playhouses and indoor treehouses often already have slides in prepackaged play kits, but a small plastic or wooden slide is simple to attach if it's not already included. Some basements can be converted into play areas as well. Attaching a slide to the stairs leading into the basement starts the fun off right away. 

Children's areas are not the only places that are great for slides. Slides can be a visually beautiful addition to your home. There are multiple ways to connect different floors of your home using slides. Stainless steel tube slides create amazing visuals as backdrops for your living rooms. Concrete and glass slides can also add a unique touch whether it be in your living room, a library or any other room within your home.

Slides can also be ways to connect your home to the outdoors. Create aesthetic figures with slides that dive in and out of your home to connect two floors. They can also be used as a way to get from your upper floors to your back garden. Slides can be added from inside your upper floors or can be attached to your upstairs balconies and decks down to your back garden.

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