Record Breaking Houses

We are changing it up a bit this blog and looking at some amazing houses that hold world records! Inspiration can come from anywhere, so maybe you will draw out some ideas for your dream home.

1. Oldest House in The World

The oldest house in the world is believed by archaeologists to be from around 3500 BC. This stone house is located in Scotland, Krap of Howar on the remote island of Papa Westrey. It is a farmstead home with joint thick-walled buildings composing an interior of three rooms with low doorways facing the sea. Although the house is no longer fully intact, ruins of the stone structure remain. 

2. World’s Longest House

A house in Khao Yai, Thailand holds the world record for being the longest house. It was completed in 2012 by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates. The structure spans a total of around 1,614 ft in length and displays sliding walls that open to a breathtaking view of the Khao Yai forest. The front of the house has a 40 ft pool while inside is mainly made of tile and wood with 20 ft windows running from the ceilings to the floors. 

3. World’s Narrowest House

In contrast to the longest house, the narrowest house is the ‘Keret House’ in Warsaw Poland. Designed by Jakub Szczesny of Polish architects Centrala, this house was also completed in 2012. It measures about 92 cm (3.02 ft) at its narrowest and 152 cm (4.99 ft) at its widest with a total floor area of 14 meters square (151 square feet). The steel frame structure is squeezed between 2 other pre-existing buildings. The minuscule two-story layout equips a bedroom, separate kitchen and a bathroom connected by a ladder. Due to the small size, space only allows for 2 individuals at the dining table, a fridge that only holds two drinks, and two windows that can not be opened. The structure is deemed as an art installation since it does not meet local Warsaw building regulations. 

4. Tallest Single-Family Home

‘Falcon Nest’ in Prescott, Arizona was built in 1994 and holds the record as the tallest single-family home. It is 124 ft high with 6,200 square feet of property including 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 10 floors and a grand view spanning over 120 miles of mountain ranges in every direction.

5. Biggest Privately Owned Property (Excluding Royalty)

This $2 billion home is located in Mumbai, India and is known as the ‘Antilia’. The 27 story skyscraper reaches a height of 550 ft and includes 400,000 square feet of living space. The structure took 4 years to complete with no two floors being alike in the floor plan or building material. Some of the amenities include 9 elevators, a health club, swimming pool, ballroom, 50 seat cinema and a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea from the top floors. 

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