Dream Home Offices

More and more of the working population are finding ways to work from home and create flexible working schedules. For this reason, designing the perfect home workspace is becoming increasingly important within the purpose of your dream home. Here are some things to consider when designing your home office.

If you are conducting business from your home and are planning on meeting clients and colleagues in your house, it may be best to have your office near the front of your house to avoid having to walk through your home to get to your office. Locating it near your kitchen as well will give you easy access for tea and snack breaks as well as hosting guests.

Sometimes spending hours at a time in your office can be a drag so make sure to incorporate a window or two to help open the space and give you some breathing room and fresh air. A great view from your window is ideal when you need a small break from your computer screen. Your desk doesn’t need to face the door as a traditional office space often does have your desk facing the window or attach a floating desk just below your window to create the perfect zen-work atmosphere.

Including a storage closet can also help keep your office from feeling cluttered and small, and give you the space to store all those files and papers you pull out once a year, or those you need to keep for longer periods. Another option you could consider is built-in shelves to place those items that need to be more readily accessible. Leave a wall open uncluttered for brainstorming with sticky notes or a mood board to gather and organise all your ideas. Cork walls, whiteboard walls, or chalk/blackboard walls are all ideal for scribbling your ideas on and pinning up your notes where you can see them.

If you are planning to host meetings at home, be sure to account for the extra space needed. Having a long desk that can fit two seats will make your at-home office ideal for meetings and collaborations. Need working space for two? Incorporate a corner desk to allow for two separate sides and spaces without taking up too much room in the office.

Loving your office is just as important as loving your home. Here at Arc Design Services, our experts can help you design your ideal workspace to be the most productive while working. Visit us at www.arcdesignservices.net or call 0161 928 4433.

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