Bring in that Summer Breeze!

With summers here in the UK getting hotter (or so they say!), breezeways are making a comeback! Breezeways are a versatile way of connecting your home to your garage or similar and can create a luxurious aesthetic to your home. Here are three ways you can use a breezeway in your dream home.

Storage Space

Using hanging racks, shelves, or storage furniture, a breezeway becomes a creative space for storage. Since breezeways are covered areas, they are ideal for storing items such as firewood or material that can become damaged by rain or direct sunlight. This also allows for easy access to these tools and materials when working outdoors.


With a little outdoor furniture, your breezeway becomes an additional patio area that provides some shade from the sunlight. Keep your breezeway open to enjoy the nice summer air or close it off with glass windows to enjoy the sunlight without the annoyance of outdoor bugs or dirt blowing in. Do you still want to enjoy the breeze without the bugs? Compromise and close off the breezeway with screens to continue enjoying the nice summer ambience.


No space for a mudroom indoors? Put it outside! Just add a few racks and hangers to the outside of your structure in the breezeway to transform your area. Perfect for families, to control the mess of muddy or wet shoes and clothing getting tracked into the house. It's also ideal if you have a dog.

Breezeways don’t need to be an everyday area. Breezeways can simply be used as aesthetically pleasing walkways between your structures. Design your breezeway with archways, pillars, or stone walkway designs. There are endless possibilities for your breezeway to create the look you desire. Make the outdoors an enjoyable and accessible experience this summer with any one of these breezeway ideas.

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