Accessibility in Style!

There are nearly 14 million disabled individuals in the UK, more than 20% of the population, and this number is rising. So why not make your home more accessible? Here are some great ways to make your house accessible without compromising on style!


Many doorways can be too narrow for wheelchairs and walkers to easily pass through. Widening these entrances not only makes it easier for disabled people but also makes the doorway more functional when moving large items. Opting for sliding doors rather than hinged doors can also be easier to manage while creating more space to manoeuvre through.


Instead of stairs, build ramps to lessen the risk of trip hazards and make it easier for wheelchairs to manoeuvre around your home. Ramps can even be built over existing stairs and can create a fluid aesthetic for your home. There are many different ramp designs that can be used indoors and outdoors to complement your home while providing accessibility. Some ramp designs may require a permit so be sure to check with our experts that your designs are all approved and up to building standards.


Bathing can be one of the most difficult tasks for disabled individuals, but by making a few design adjustments, the process can become more enjoyable! Consider step-in showers rather than tubs, to make it more accessible for those with mobility restrictions. If you still want a bathtub then why not separate the step-in shower and tub to have both options! Install a shower bench or seat and grab-bars to provide greater support.

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