Ways to Upscale Your Driveway - part one

Following on from our last blog, about your home's entryway, your driveway should complement your property's entrance. Our next two blogs have put together the ways to upscale or redo your driveway to bring together your home exterior and provide a cohesive and stunning look.


Adding a brick or paver border around or on the sides of your driveway is one of the simplest ways to add something new to your driveway. Single or multiple rows and contrasting colours can delineate a pathway and tie in the driveway with the rest of the house.


Concrete driveways offer quite a range of options, whether you want to redo your driveway or just give it a bit of a makeover. Concrete that is cleaned of oils and substances and that does not have cracks can be stained with acid or water-based stains. This can help make a boring driveway feel more like a part of the house rather than just a slab of concrete. When redoing the driveway, concrete allows for detailing and designs, or even the opportunity to create curved edges. Another option is having concrete slabs interspersed with setting blocks or other materials.

Pavers / Paving Slabs

Another option when redoing your driveway is to use pavers, or paving slabs. Pavers offer an even wider variety of colours, sizes, and designs. Almost any geometric pattern or design can be created with paving slabs and a combination of pavers and grass or planting and landscaping designs can complete your home's kerb appeal.


Although the options are a little more limited, brick still offers the possibility of different colours and designs. Block paving with bricks is very easy to maintain since they can be lifted and replaced if needed, and you can choose to cement between the bricks or even use plants such as grass or chamomile.

Look out for part two of our driveway blog which will give you even more ideas.

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