Entryways to make the perfect first impression

Arguably one of the most important aspects of your home, your entryway, or 'kerb appeal' should be nothing but perfect, as the first and last image of your home that your guests will see. The front entryway is the centre of attention for your home exterior and can make or break the home image. We’ve looked into two of our favourite home entryway styles and what characteristics bring these styles together.


Contemporary and modern styles have been a leading trend in recent years, but there are many components needed to achieve this look. Overall, a contemporary look is uniform and symmetrical with clean, straight line designs often incorporating an awning or canopy. The door is most commonly steel with rectangular window designs and patterns. Dark steel railing is also included to tie in with the door. Railings can be used in awnings, along with glass, or to frame and enclose porch areas. To contrast with the dark steel, cherry coloured wood panels or light stone can be used to create walkways or porches. Using wood to create awnings or canopies, when paired with a wood pathway or porch, can create a framing illusion for the door.


A classic, traditional rustic look never goes out of style when executed correctly. Country looks tend to aim for a light colour scheme with slight dark accents or earthy colour accents such as greens, yellows, or orangey reds. Overall designs include timber frames and an aged finish. Instead of using darker wood panels, rustic looks often use solid light or copper wood doors. Take it a step further with wooden dutch doors, which are perfect for this style. You can also compliment light/copper woods with stone with options such as natural stone paving or flooring, dry stone walling or randomised floor stone paving. These can really bring together the country style.

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