Double the house on the same footprint

Bankhall Lane in Hale started with the original idea of remodelling the existing property housed on the site. However, working alongside the structural engineer, we discovered that the existing foundations weren't sufficient to accommodate the planned changes. The client decided that it would be a better option to build a completely new house but base it on the design of the original property, and they now have a dwelling of 5800 square feet over 4 floors, giving a fantastic level of accommodation.

Alongside the client's requirements for a modern, energy efficient home, they also wanted it to sit on the plot in the same way as the original house and have a homely feel, but incorporate all of the features and attributes, such as large bay windows and tall ceilings, transferred from the old property to the new one. It was really important to them to recreate the light and airy feel of the original house but to make it larger to fit their specific needs. They also wanted to modernise the construction utilising contemporary building methods and cutting-edge technology and to maintain the visual appeal of the existing home so that it did not jar with the surrounding properties. We designed this fantastic family home to showcase brick-built square bays with large windows and to 'keep it local' utilised bricks that were hand-made in the North West in these stunning features.

The client's particular requirements included a feature family area within the kitchen, incorporating a log burner, a gym and steam room, as well as a cinema room. They also specified a large children's playroom built within the basement including a stage!

This environmentally friendly home is principally constructed using ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) with feature brick bays and plinths, complimented by rendering over the main body of the building. It has rainwater harvesting for the toilets and garden. A MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) retains most of the energy already used in heating the building and provides fresh filtered air to improve the indoor air quality and reduce dust and allergens. All of these combine to provide an extremely energy efficient, carbon-friendly and healthy home.

The feedback we received from the client was fantastic:

"We wanted to have someone design the house based on our values. We also needed someone who would and could understand that fact that we loved the old house - someone who was empathetic as well as having cutting-edge knowledge. Following several months of research, we came across Jonathan at Arc Design Services. He ticked all of the boxes and had lots of local knowledge which saved us time and money. The house is everything we wished for. If we had to do it all again, we would not change a thing - a testament to a really good designer. Thank you, Jonathan!”

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