Walk-in Wardrobes - For Fashion Lovers and Planners alike

No doubt, like most people, the image you hold of your dream house contains a specific room or feature that you yearn to behold. For fashion lovers, in particular, the one place in the house that beats all others is a walk-in wardrobe. Like most things, though, there is nothing more stressful than choosing the right design to meet your exact needs.

Here are a few ideas to help you along the way…

Make the most of your space

While walk-in wardrobes are understandably more expensive, the convenience puts them way ahead of the alternatives of free-standing or fitted options. With easy access and organised storage, as well as space to spread out, a walk in wardrobe can transform your fashion life.

When you finally commit to a walk-in wardrobe, you need to find a convenient space. For example, if your bedroom isn’t big enough, you may have to take space from a landing, or bathroom, or convert a smaller bedroom next door to get the perfect layout. If you're designing a new build house, then consider building a walk-in wardrobe (or more) into your plans from the outset.

When choosing options for a walk-in wardrobe, many people make the mistake of forgetting all of the elements that they need to store. Ensure you select a plan that allows you to house your shoes, hand-bags, jewellery and other accessories. Don’t leave yourself short.

Include the correct number of sections

Like most people, we’re sure you love your clothing range. However, have you stopped to consider the number of clothes you currently store, perhaps in ottomans, or containers under your bed? Don't forget to include items that might be in chests of drawers. Do you have lots of shoes, but only a small number of longer items for hanging? Have you thought about the amount of space that five pairs of shoes take up when compared with a winter coat?

We recommend that you also consider the height of the space you’ll be using within the room to maxim-ise your space. There is also a wide range of clever wardrobe inserts and storage options that you can utilise within your walk-in closet - take a look at our blog on Pinterest to help get some inspiration. Plan and measure very carefully as the more accurate you are, the better laid out and space-efficient you'll be. Make sure you don't cramp each section and leave space for growth - after all, the sales always seem to be in progress, and you don't want your clothing to be creased or, even worse, damaged, when you take it out to wear.

Add a dressing island

Providing you have the luxury of space, we recommend that you consider adding a dressing island to the design.

Dressing islands are the ultimate closet staple. Not only are they a useful addition for their extra storage, but they also provide an area to set unwanted items down when you’re getting changed!

Consider shelves instead of drawers

Drawers cost more, especially if your closet is being custom-made, so if you’re tight on a budget, we rec-ommend that you choose shelves. Accessories, like jumpers, can be folded, and shelve provide easy viewing.

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