Have a Houzz Full of Inspiration!

Following on from our Pinterest blog last month, we thought we'd explore Houzz.

With more than 40 million homeowners now signed up and even more people opting to use this active community on an ad hoc basis, Houzz is quickly becoming the window to home improvement. Through communication, Houzz allows you to find the perfect designer, contractor or architectural designer and find products that suit the average home design enthusiast.

Houzz can allow your creativity to shine. Being the largest such community in the world, it allows you to connect with other homeowners, for example, through shared visual imagery. You can gain ideas that you never had before; potentially giving an inspired vision of your dream home. With Houzz, you can share ideas, advice and tastes, whilst allowing you to ask for support from other like-minded people.

By exposing you to a community accessible through all kinds of technology, Houzz can be used in all kinds of locations. Although this is great for convenience, it is particularly useful as it also allows you to connect with other homeowners nearby. This is ideal for when you need advice about properties in the area, or finding out local business or contractor recommendations. Another strong perk of the Houzz location setting is the ability to take a close look at other shared properties - helping you to paint a pic-ture of your dream home. From simple designs to home improvements, Houzz can provide a number of different inspirations, transforming lives, homes and business ventures.

If you are looking for ideas on home renovation and other improvements, let ARC design services help you with all your needs. If you are a Houzz user, or likely to set up your own account in the near future, by interacting with ARC we can make your dreams a reality; you might even meet a friendly face or two! Just simply follow us by using this link: https://www.houzz.co.uk/pro/jonathanarc201/arc-design-services-ltd.

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