Reduce Plastic Waste On Your Self Build Project

Following the huge impact of the BBC series Blue Planet 2 which showed the devastating impact of “one use” plastic on marine life, 2018 has seen a revolution in changing behaviour to ensure we save the environment from its devastating impact - and building projects are no exception! With over 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every year, the government called for a “ War on Waste” back in January and the construction industry still has a long way to go.

If you are about to embark on a building project there are many ways in which you can keep plastic waste to a minimum on your site that we have listed below, and not only will this help create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable build, you could find that you save money too!

Consider the materials you are using

You will find plastic in many of the materials you are using on site as well as the packaging, but if you are using plastic pipe, for example, maybe you could source an alternative option. At Arc Design Services we can recommend a whole host of materials that can help you minimise the impact of your project on the environment. Also when ordering materials, don't forget to find out how they are packaged - there are companies out there that have significantly reduced the use of plastic packaging, and it’s worth considering these.

Don’t over order

Often you will find that there are surplus materials following your build project. Of course, you don’t want to be in a position where you run out, and in many cases you can only order in specific quantities, however, try to purchase materials on a sale or return basis to avoid wastage or even sell them on afterwards so that they don't go to waste. Also, think about how you can reduce cut-off waste - maybe there are more innovative ways that you can use the product rather than sending it to the landfill! Not only will this be kinder to the environment, it could also significantly reduce your build costs when applied to all your materials.


It goes without saying that wherever possible you should try and recycle your plastic waste. BUT to make this process easier, try to separate your plastic waste so that you are not mixing different forms of plastic - otherwise this can then be more difficult to sort and recycle. It’s also important to pack your waste down to reduce the bulk, for instance, both cardboard and plastic can be crushed down. By doing this, not only will it require less transport space to remove - this can of course also help reduce your waste disposal costs too!

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