Living Smarter By Design!

With smart technology revolutionising the way we live, at ARC Design Services, we are designing ultra modern homes that offer optimum comfort and convenience perfect for busy lives. With technology that enables you to control every aspect of your life from your fingertips, it’s important that the design of your home reflects this, from lighting to heating to security - we consider the integration of smart technology in every aspect of your design.

The Nest Learning Thermostat, which allows you to control the temperature of your home from your phone, is quickly becoming a household favourite - and means you never need to return home to a cold house again! There are also many other alternatives on the market such as the Hive, all of which enable our clients to be much smarter about their energy consumption and this is reflected in the design of their homes. There are now also Nest fire and carbon monoxide alarms with voice-activated technology available along with the Nest Cam IQ, a home security device with face recognition, that will send intruder alerts directly to your phone. All of these are much slicker and more appealing than their predecessors!

State of the art sound systems are often a requirement for many of our clients, but devices like the Amazon Echo - a voice-activated speaker with its very own virtual assistant, Alexa - mean that your speakers can now also be connected to heating controls (such as the Nest or Hive), lights and even your Fitbit! You can ask Alexa anything from “Alexa turn off the lights” to “ Alexa where’s the nearest Chinese Restaurant!” However, for this to work seamlessly, your smart technology needs to be integrated throughout your home; it also means that voice-activated technology, which was once a high-end product, is now available for smaller budgets too.

Kitchens and bathrooms are often the spaces in the home where we see the most innovation and smart technology is no exception - with Bluetooth enabled showers, mirrors and even robotic hoovers! The Dyson 360 Eye enables you to schedule cleaning from your phone, freeing up more time for you to simply enjoy your beautiful home - surely there’s no greater incentive to join the smart revolution?!

Whether you think it’s overkill or love the convenience of smart technology here at ARC Design Services we have plenty of innovative ideas that will revolutionise your home, call us on 01606 928 4433 to find out more.

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